Aarti Patel/ General Manager

I was born in Durban, South Africa and relocated to Dunedin, New Zealand in 2003. I am a registered pharmacist in South Africa where I trained and also completed my masters’ degree. Read more

Gareth Frew /Clinical Leader

I was raised on a farm near Darfield before moving to Dunedin to study pharmacy. Read more

Kathryn Snook / Mobile Pharmacist

My first 20 years of my pharmacy career were spent in hospital pharmacy where I gained wide experience across all fields of medicine.Read more

Robyn Harris/ Field Educator Pharmacist

 I trained as a pharmacist 30 years ago and spent some years working in hospital pharmacy, eventually managing Sunnyside Hospital Pharmacy. Read more


Sarah Tester / Administration Support and Coordination

 Originally from Liverpool, UK I moved to New Zealand in 2016. My background is in Archives & Records Management but since moving to New Zealand in 2016 I've been working in healthcare administration.  Read more