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Accessing Mental Health Notes via HealthOne
30 September 2016

Accessing Mental Health Notes via HealthOne

Below are instructions or click here for a printable PDF version


Secondary care mental health notes are available on HealthOne and include:

  •         Assessment notes
  •         Discharge letters
  •         Progress notes, which also include a copy of scripts that have been given
  •         Referral and triage letters
  •         Review notes


How to access mental health notes –

If Mental Health documents are available an “i” icon and a “Break Privacy Seal” link will exist. This is in the TOP LEFT HAND CORNER immediately above the “clinical documents tree”. A “Break privacy seal” is commonly used for mental health notes and should not discourage clinicians accessing these notes where it is clinically appropriate.


  1. Click on the Break Privacy Seal link and place a tick in the mental health box. Where possible request consent to access the notes. If consent is not obtainable or it is in the best interest of the patient to access the note then chose, “I am unable to ask the patient permission” and fill in a reason for not obtaining consent. Click OK.




  1.       The clinical document tree will display the previously hidden Mental Health folder which acts as a repository for Mental Health documents.


  1.       Expand the folder to select and display the required document.


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