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CCPG meet with Ministry of Health
18 August 2017

CCPG meet with Ministry of Health

CCPG was pleased to host Andi Shirtcliffe, Chief Advisor Pharmacy (MOH), Trish Farrelly (Pharmacy Manager – Sector Capability and Implementation MOH) and Monique Rijnberg (Policy Analyst,  Regulatory Policy, Strategy and Policy MOH ) at our office on Thursday, 17 August 2017.

The purpose of the visit was around information sharing: showcasing the services delivered by CCPG within the context of the Canterbury Health System as well as learning about what is happening at the national level from a policy perspective.

During our discussions CCPG was joined by Maria McIntyre and Jane Kelly (CCPG Board), Ginny Brailsford (Associate Board), Mark Liddle (Pegasus Health), Michael James (CDHB), Ian Town and Koral Fitzgerald from PSLA. We were able to demonstrate how we work in an alliancing framework.

These discussions were followed by visits to two pharmacies: Halswell and Longhurst working collaboratively with their local general practice and providing enhanced pharmacy services.

CCPG was very pleased to have had this opportunity as it helps us, and therefore our members, keep abreast of what is happening nationally as well as showcasing what we do in Canterbury.


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