Who We Are


Canterbury Community Pharmacy Group creates opportunities for pharmacists to apply their full range of skills and expertise, for the benefit of their patients and the wider Canterbury community.

We serve a strong member base of more than 80 pharmacies across Canterbury.

Since being established in 2008 we have made great progress in strategically positioning community pharmacy as an integral part of the primary health care team in Canterbury.  It was our objective to see a wider range of evidence-based health services available to our communities, providing better access to and visibility of our pharmacists and the services they offer.

We are delighted to have made significant achievements since our establishment. 

As a partner in the Canterbury Clinical Network we are recognised as the voice of community pharmacy at all levels and play a key role in the planning and development of new health care services for our patients and communities.

Our partnerships with the Canterbury District Health Board and Ministry of Health have resulted in the development and implementation of several innovative programmes which maximise health outcomes.  The Medication Management Service and Pharmacy Services projects are two examples of this integrated, innovative primary healthcare in action.

We provide our pharmacists with access to training and support, and our funding frees up pharmacists to invest more time with their patients, to discuss their medicines in detail to ensure the medicines are the right ones for them.

While the Canterbury health system has made great progress towards increased integration, our work will definitely continue as we know more can be done to make the best use of pharmacists’ unique skills to improve patient and community outcomes.